The First-Ever Pursuit-Rated Chevy Silverado Joins Iconic Tahoe PPV

Chevy recently commemorated its 25th anniversary of the Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle by adding one more vehicle to the PPV lineup: the Silverado 1500. Per Chevy, the pursuit-rated Silverado will arrive in the U.S. later this summer.

The Silverado PPV borrows some key elements from its Tahoe sibling. It has a 5.3-liter V8 and 10-speed automatic transmission that puts forth 355 horsepower. All-wheel drive gives the truck enhanced stability and traction to conquer various terrain and road conditions.

It can also tow 1,100 pounds more than the Tahoe PPV — 9,300 pounds, to be exact. That way, police officers can transport trailers for marine and mounted divisions when necessary. 

Chevy has equipped the Silverado PPV with many features for rougher routes, such as a skid plate, locking rear differential, and Rancho shocks. A 2-inch lift enables a 25.9-degree approach angle and a best-in-class 11.4-inch ground clearance rating. 

The pursuit-rated Silverado has safety systems and convenient touches to make officers’ drives safer and less stressful. Each Silverado PPV automatically comes with the Chevrolet Safety Assist package. Inside the cabin, the heavy-duty vinyl flooring and rear seats are easy to clean. And law enforcement can leverage remote keyless entry and push-to-start technologies to hit the road faster when urgency is a priority.

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