Here’s What to Do If Your Vehicle Overheats This Summer

Here’s What to Do If Your Vehicle Overheats This Summer | Greenwood Chevrolet | Fort Meade, FL

We’ve all seen cars on the side of the road with the hood up and steam pouring from the engine compartment. What should you do if it’s your vehicle that’s overheating? Follow these tips to keep damage to a minimum until you can bring your car in for repairs at Greenwood Chevrolet in Fort Meade, Florida.

Turn on the Heat

It might be tempting to turn on the air conditioning, but turning on the heating system will cool your vehicle’s engine faster.

Get off the Road

Don’t drive your car when it is overheating because this could cause serious engine damage. Pull off the road in a safe place, put on your flashers, and turn off the engine.

Open the Hood

After your car is safely parked, carefully open the hood. This allows heat to escape and there can be steam, so step back quickly. Do not open the radiator cap at this time.

Look for Leaks

Once the engine has cooled down, look for any leaks or holes in the radiator hose. Carefully remove the radiator cap and check the coolant level. Add coolant if it is low. If you don’t have coolant, water will do until you can get your car to a garage.

Here at Greenwood Chevrolet, our service department is here to help, so be sure to give us a call for overheating or any other car problems you encounter this summer and beyond.